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Tuesday 2nd March


Today we are going to be moving onto problem solving. During the live lesson, we are going to underline the important information from the question in order to help us answer it. We are still going to be looking at converting whole numbers into fractions and then how many fractions go into the whole number. You will then carry out the guided practice and workbook independently.

Guided reading:

We have become good at visualisation in reading so today we are going to visualise the Indian Prince's Chocolate palace based on the description in chapter 3 and the clip from yesterday. During the live lesson, we will practice visualising different items to then help with the independent task. I would like you to draw the palace and label it with quotes and reasons why you have drawn it the way you have.


Today we are going to start writing our non-chronological report. As we saw on the checklist yesterday, reports need an introduction to tell the reader what it is going to be about. Your title needs to include something about the topic also and then you can use commas in a list from the sub-headings that are going to be used. During the live lesson, we will come up with the sub-headings based on what you learnt about chocolate in yesterday's adventure lesson. These will then be included in your introduction using commas in a list to let the reader know what will be included in your non-chronological report. By the end of today, you should have a finished introduction for your non-chronological report.




There is a Youtube video of Mr Cooper explaining what Fairtrade is and how it works. You need to watch this and then there are a couple of videos to watch- one about harvesting cocoa beans and then there is an activity to do about ordering the process, then a video where you follow the journey of a farmer. There are then some opinions of customers which you need to think about a response to based on what you have learnt. There is an example at the end of the video.