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Parental involvement

Stay and Play - May 2022

Thank you for joining us this afternoon at nursery.  It was great to see so many parents/carers.  We hope you enjoyed your children showing you around and exploring our developing provision areas as we begin our journey using the ‘Curiosity Approach’. The children enjoyed choosing fillings to make their own sandwich too,  and there were many good healthy choices being made! 

Science fair

We had the best time at the science fair this morning. Parents were invited in to see what the whole school had been up to during their science lessons throughout the year. We saw rockets exploring and magic glitter in milk. We showed our parents what we had been learning about with our tuff tray full of different textured materials. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the flowers. We were amazed at the water in the bag as you could push a pencil through it and it wouldn’t leak. It was so good! Thank you to all the parents who came to see the science fair, the children always love it when they can show their parents their school. 

Once upon a time event

We are so excited to invite parents and carers into school on the following dates to consolidate our learning on our adventure, once upon a time. We really hope you can make it. 
1st half-Tuesday 15th February at 2:30pm

2nd half-Thursday 10th February at 2:30pm

If your child is 30 hours you can come to either event. 
You will be able to take your child straight home once we finish. 

Thank you so much for coming to the stay and play session with your children. They absolutely loved showing you around their classroom and making things with you. We think they enjoyed the pig biscuits the best judging by how fast they ate them! 

Christmas nativity 

We were so pleased when you came in to watch the nativity that we put on for Christmas. The children were so happy to see their parents and sang so well. We were so proud of them all and can’t wait to invite you in for more activities and events throughout the year. The children love it when they see their parents in school so thank you for coming. 

We are really pleased to be able to invite parents/carers into school this year. 
Our first stay and play session for parents/carers is on

Wednesday 20th October. 

 For the children who attend nursery for the first half of the week , we are inviting their parents/carers to join them,  in  nursery to play and have some fun doing some halloween themed activities on Wednesday 20th at 11 o’clock. 
for the children who attend at the end of the week and the full time children, please come on Wednesday 20th at 2.30