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Thursday 11th February

Thursday 11th February


Guided Reading - live on Teams at 10.30am

Today's revolting rhyme is Snow White. This is the last revolting rhyme we will look at because tomorrow we are going to compare all 4 between each other and with the classic versions of each story. In the live lesson, we'll read the poem and think about what it means and how it is similar/different to the traditional version. Then, I'd like the children to use their visualisation skills to create an alternative ending! We've learnt lots about Roald Dahl this week and the way he writes poems - how else could this poem end? I'd like the children to draw how they think this story could end in another way and write a short blurb which describes what happens at the end of their version of Snow White - it can be as wacky and creative as you want! Be like Roald Dahl - the crazier the better! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

RSHE - YEAR 3 ONLY - anytime

First, go through the PowerPoint below which recaps the different types of bullying, which we talked about earlier this year when we were in school. Then, look at the 3 different scenarios. Use the information on the PowerPoint to help you fill in the response sheet. 


Then read the Olivia scenario and write a short letter to Olivia giving her some reassurance. Also tell her what the appropriate response would be.

RSHE - YEAR 4 ONLY - anytime

Another aspect of our RSHE safety week is focusing on road safety.


1. Watch the video and think about what you should do if something unexpected happens. 

2. Then, there are some pictures attached of people doing things that they shouldn't be near a road; there are some children playing ball games and someone crossing a road when it is the red man. I would like you to write down what they should do instead. 

3. Now that you know all there is to know about road safety, design a road safety poster. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

4. As a final activity, read through the walking section of the book 'Tales of the Road' and complete the quiz at the end.


Please click here to access the spelling test. For each question, click the link to listen to me say the word. Then, you need to type the spelling into the box. It doesn't matter if it starts with a capital letter or not but make sure there are no spaces at the start or end of the word or else it will mark it incorrect. Once you have finished, press submit and your score will show at the top. This then comes straight through to me so I will be able to see what you got! If you can't hear the words or have any technical issues, let me know and we can look into it!


Writing - live on Teams at 1pm

Your reasons why the UK is better are amazing! You have all thought so carefully about the things which make the UK great and you've done some great justifications using some lovely conjunctions! They were lovely to read! In the live lesson, I'll share some of people's first parts of their discussions. Today, we're going to think about the flip side of the argument - why is life better in North America?


When we open the next paragraph, we need to use a conjunction to show we are thinking about the flip side of the discussion. You could use:


- on the other hand

- on the flip side

- on the contrary

- nevertheless

- that said

- on the reverse


Then we need to think about the reasons why North America would be better to live in than the UK. Again, think about all of those landmarks (physical and human) you learnt about on Monday and Tuesday and use some of those ideas to structure your argument. Below is the PowerPoint we discussed in the live lesson and the argument we wrote together. I'd now like you to write your version of the argument - why is North America better than the UK?


Remember capital letters for proper nouns (North America, Hollywood, New York, Statue of Liberty) 

Maths - live on Teams at 9.15am

It's our last day on bar modelling today, and out last day of our addition and subtraction topic. You've worked so hard this half term with this, and I know it's been tricky and a bit repetitive, but I think we've mastered this now and are ready to move on after half term! Today we'll have one final practice and a little bit of a revise of everything we've done this half term ready for a little (nothing too scary!) test tomorrow! 


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