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Monday 8th February

Maths - 


Today we are going to be looking at our tens and our ones. The long stick is called base ten and the cubes left over are called ones. Using the sheet below, try and work out the answers to the questions. Remember, each stick has ten in it so you can use your ten times table to help you. 

Writing - 


We are at the last place, searching for our treasure... we are in the Cryptic Cave! As we walk into the cave we spot a scary three headed monster looking at us! Uh can we get to the treasure that is next to him? I know! We can make a sleeping potion. 


We are going to write instructions for our sleeping potion. The objective today is to use time openers, first, next, then, finally. 


You need to include - 


Ingredients / equipment 

What you are going to add 


Look at mine below for inspiration. 


How to make a sleeping potion. 

You will need - 

fairy dust 

stick from a witches broom 

unicorn tears 

dollop of happiness 

seaweed from the lost lagoon


First you need to get your ingredients out. 

Then you need to put a dash of dairy dust into the bowl. 


Spellings - 


I would like you to practise spellings with the -ed spelling for the week. 








Adventure - 


It's potion time! It is time for you to create your own potion for the monster to drink so that he falls asleep. Think about what you are going to add, you can think back to our writing lesson where I made one to give you ideas. I would love to see videos of you making your potions and can not wait to see how they turn out!


You can watch the video below for ideas but don't feel that you have to follow it!

How to Mix Your Own Potions! #sciencegoals

Jessi's in her lab mixing up something scary cool: potions! Join her to learn about different kinds of mixtures and how you can mix up your own potions using...