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Wednesday 17th March

Maths - 


Today we are looking at the phrases, before, next and after. After means the last thing you do, before means the first and next is what you will now do. Have a look at the sheet below and see if you can complete it.

Writing - 


Today we are going to write an invitation to the other crayons, telling them how amazing Antarctica is and how they need to come join us! Whilst in Antarctica we have been having so much fun doing different activities, we have been -

drinking hot chocolate

having snow ball fights 

seeing amazing animals - penguins, polar bears, fish,

wrapping up warm!


I would like you to use a connective in your work today. A connective is used to join our sentence together. You can use any of the connectives below  - 





In your invitation you need to include - 

To / From

Where we are inviting them too - Antarctica

Why we are inviting them there - To have a break and lots of fun 

What they can do there  - see above 

How they can get there - Plane 


Handwriting - 


Follow the video below. 


Still image for this video

Geography - 


This week we are looking at Antarctica. Antarctica is at the bottom of the map and it is really really cold there! Have a listen to the continents song and see if you can locate it on the blank map at the end. Once you have done this, watch the video on Antarctica and then I would like you to draw a picture of the country. Remember, there is a lot of snow, sea and animals that like to live in the cold. 

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