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Monday 1st February


This is our last lesson on 3D shapes. Have a look at the patterns that have been made with the shapes. Can you work out what shape is missing from the pattern?


This weeks story is 'Mrs Mole I'm Home'. We are going to carry on looking at sequencing. Thinking about what happens in the story and when. Can you find out when Morris goes to the different places in the text? Is it first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth? Have a go at the questions below.


Morris the mole isn't very good at finding his way home without his glasses and after a long day at work he is tired! When the story ends Morris ends up going wrong again. We are going to write another story for Morris following the same pattern as the book. Where will Morris pop up this time? In a bear burrow? In a birds nest? 


We need to follow the same pattern as the book

  • Morris has had a long day at work but can't find his glasses
  • Morris pops up in 4 different homes
  • Morris finds his own home using his sense of smell


Our special word to use today is 'but'. This word tells us that something went wrong or something unexpected happened (like ending up in the wrong place).



Up he popped. Children I'm home! Morris looked around but this was not his home! It was a bear's burrow! This is not your home! Off Morris burrowed. 




There has been a slight problem on the island... Christopher Columbus has lost the map! How are the explorers supposed to find the treasure now?! 


Your job is to create a new map of the island. Remember to include all of the places that are on the island and an X where the treasure is. Add a key onto the bottom to let everyone know what your drawings mean.