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Wednesday 3rd February


We are now moving on to learning to tell the time! If you have a clock or watch in your house you could start trying to read the time. 


Long hand= minute hand ( tells us how many minutes past the hour it is)

Short hand= hour hand (tells us what hour it is)



When the minute hand points to the 12 we say o'clock.

When the minute hand points to the 6 we say half past.
We are going to be telling the time by each 5 minute interval. We can count round the clock (from 1) in our 5's to know how many minutes have gone by.
** I have set a couple of 2do's on PurpleMash to help you practise telling the time. Have a go at the quizzes!**


We are going to read the story 'Mrs Mole I'm Home' again. 

Today we are going to be putting the pictures in the order that they happen in the story. Look at the 5 pictures for each question. Can you put them in the correct order?


Now that we are down in the tunnels we need to get searching for the fossil stone that unlocks the next padlock. The only problem is there are lots of different tunnels and it is really hard to see in the dark. I wonder if anyone can help us? Maybe someone knows where it is or has seen it before. 


We need to write an advert poster to put up in the tunnels (with a light on so they can be seen!), so that hopefully someone might tell us where it is or where to go.


Today we are going to be asking questions and using a ? where appropriate.


We need to include:

  • a title question (Have you seen this stone?)
  • a description of the stone
  • a couple of questions we would like to ask (Do you know where this stone is? Can you lead us to the stone? Do you know the way to the stone?
  • How to let us know if they have information 
  • reward for their help



Two of the native islanders are getting married today! We have been invited along to the ceremony. We better get dressed up smartly to attend. 


Follow the link below to join the wedding ceremony



Things to think about


  • What happens at a wedding?
  • Who attends a wedding?
  • What do the bride and groom promise each other?
  • What do the bride and groom wear? Can you find out why?
  • Where does a wedding take place?
  • What happens after the ceremony?

Can you design a card to take with you to the natives wedding? 


Think about what you now know about weddings to draw some pictures on the front (like the ones below)