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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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We met our friend Ted at a car boot sale. He was being chosen by a boy named Ben. We wrote a description of Ted using adjectives so the other toys would know what he looked like when he arrived home!
We were sent back time travelling! We've ended up in a Mario Kart game with Barbie! We wrote about all of the things we saw whilst we were trapped in the race.
We have ended up in a toy shop with lots of teddies that look like Ted! Oh no! We don't know who is the real Ted. To  find out we asked the Ted's questions to see if they could give us the answers that real Ted would. We then wrote our questions down and found our real Ted!
We looked at editing a piece of text. We thought about what adjectives are and how we can use them to make our work better. 
We became transformers and had a dance battle to see who had the best moves! We then wrote about what we did in a recount and produced really good work.
We looked at how we can make our work better with adjectives! 
We completed an edit on adjectives and full stops.