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Zoom To The Moon

Zoom To The Moon!


Earth paintings


We have been learning about space. We have used our blue and green paint to create an Earth. We made fingerprints on the paper to create the land and the water.



We have listened to the story Supertato. The children used the collage materials to be able to make their own Supertato.

Collage Rockets


We have learnt the song Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we are going to the moon and we made our own rockets. The children used a range of collage materials to decorate the rocket.

Aliens Love Underpants


The children read the story Aliens Love Underpants. The children used the book as inspiration and designed and painted their own Alien in a flying saucer.

Clay Aliens 


The children used clay to be able to design their own alien. They counted the number of eyes, arms and legs that they had added to their alien.

Moon Rock Buns


The children put their baking skills to good use and they made moon rock buns. The children mixed the ingredients and baked them. They were delicious!

Aliens Love Underpants Flying Saucer Buns


The children made alien spaceships. They used icing sugar to decorate the buns and added sweets as parts of the flying saucer. The children added a jelly baby alien as well.

Earth Suncatchers


The children talked about planet Earth. They then used tissue paper to make their own earth sun catchers.