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Spring 2

Understanding number 9

This week we have furthered our understanding of the number system and number pattern. We have ordered numbers to 8 and were asked the question, what would happen if another 1 came along? This got us thinking about what we already know about one more. We talked about how 1 more changes the amount we have to 9. 1 more creates a number number and a bigger quantity. We counted out 9 in lots of different way, developing our cardinality.

Understanding 9

"You have too many, your ten frame shouldn't be full." -Keevah


"There's one space left on my ten frame that means I've got 9." - Elijah


"I can do part, part, whole with this 3 and 3 and 3 makes 9."- Zac 


Number 10

The children are becoming really confident with their understanding of 1 more and 1 less through lots of repetition and practise. Today the children were shown 9 blocks when asked what would happen if one more block came along there were lots of answers of 10! 1 more than 9 is 10. We practically demonstrated this using lots of objects from the maths cupboard. The children helped sort the resources into 10s and say when they had 10 of an object, when they didn't and say how many more they would need to make 10.

" we only have 8 of these, we need 2 more" - Myla

"We have 10 of them." - Ava

"You need to find one more, here's one  now we have 10, put them in the bag." - Farrah

We counted out 10 2 sided counters to find how many different ways we can make 10. We threw the counters into the air and watched to see how many counters were red and how many were white. We used a ten frame to support this. The children then combined the 2 groups to make 10. We found 5 and 5, 6 and 4, 7 and 3 and then challenged ourselves to try and make 9 and 1 and 10 all the same colour. 

The children have been using their number knowledge to double numbers. They quickly understood that double 1 is the same as saying 1+1=2 and so on. Some of the children even went away to demonstrate their knowledge.