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In KS1 the children have started to explore the basics of coding. Using Maze Explorers, they have learnt how to create and debug a set of simple instructions (algorithm) using the direction keys to navigate a maze.


Then they progressed their learning to understand how to change and extend their algorithm list.....


...... and finally create an even longer algorithm for an activity as a challenge for their peers.




Code & Go Robot Mouse

In addition to the coding activities that our children enjoy through Purple Mash, we also give them lots of opportunities to help build problem solving and critical thinking skills through real-world application of these essential 21st-century skills.

They have loved working with our Robot Mice throughout school, to create and test ever increasingly complex algorithms.






In Lower Key Stage 2 the children have been extending their coding skills to include using timers, If/Else statements and variables, in Free Code Gibbon.








The children have also had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of algorithms and logical reasoning  skills through the use of the 2Logo App.

2Logo is a text-based coding language used to control an on-screen marker to create mathematical patterns.

The children were able to program their marker to write letters and to navigate a series of mazes.







In Computer Science our children are taking their coding skills even further, using the Free Code Gorilla app in Purple Mash. They have been able to create more complex algorithms whilst understanding how important it is to carefully organise and test their programming as they work, to enable them to debug any errors more easily.

Here they were learning how to create a game in which the character had to catch specific objects whilst avoiding others.