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Autumn 1- changes through the ages

First of all, we wrote a letter to our future self detailing all the things that have been happening during lockdown. This included things we didn’t like about lockdown but also some exciting things that we did. When Mr Hayes was looking at our letters, he noticed something quite strange…


Two of the letters were from ‘Grug and Ugger’, we have never heard of these people and after learning a little bit about their life we discovered they were from the stone age!


This got us thinking about the Stone Age and how long ago it was. Our classroom transformed into a time machine and we travelled all the way back! Along the way we witnessed some important events in History including WW2 and the Great fire of London. Our classroom was covered in post it notes because when we landed in different areas we described what it was like. We then wrote a diary entry all about our experience, we used a range of adverbs to describe our journey!


Grug and Ugger were really kind and invited us to come stay with them at Skara Brae. We found out about the houses they lived in and their features. We labelled a diagram of a house from Skara Brae and answered questions!


After learning all about these houses, we turned into estate agents for the day! We wrote an exciting advert selling a house from the Stone Age. We used a range of rhetorical questions and decided as a class if the questions fitted best at the start of our writing or at the end!

This week we received a message from Grug and Ugger stating we were going to go on a hunt with them! First of all, we learnt all about what it meant to be a Hunter-gatherer. Following this, we had the task of placing pictures and statements in the correct section of our classroom.


One section was named ‘gathering’ so we stuck all of the images and statements that described collecting sources of food including mussels, cockles, nuts and wild berries to the board.

We did the exact same thing with pictures and statements that related to the ‘hunt’ and ‘weapons’. As a result, we discovered that a combination of these three things meant you were a true Hunter-gatherer.


Finally we answered questions in our books in full sentences.

Cave art! This week our classroom transformed into a Stone Age cave. As we travelled around the cave we noticed a range of different images. We later discovered that these images were cave art. Not only were they interesting to look at, they also told a story about hunting, animals and ultimately their lifestyle in the Stone Age.


Once we learnt about what these images meant, we produced our own cave art! Using purely black charcoal we combined a range of images to create a cave art effect. We also scrunched the paper in a way that made our cave art appear as if it was from the Stone Age.


This got us extremely excited about our writing! We got the opportunity to write our very own cave art story. First of all, we planned our story by thinking about characters, setting, a problem and a solution. We even made our own Stone Age names! Our SPAG focus was to use paragraphs and follow the structure of a story ensuring we had all the main parts.
This week we got a visit from a caveman! He burst into the classroom and took us all on a hunt with him. We had to teach him a lot about our classroom as he came all the way from the Stone Age. Next week we will begin learning about the Bronze Age!


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BRONZE AGE! We have now left Grug and Ugger behind and we are now in the Bronze Age! We saw someone dragging a huge stone across the field and we later discovered it was Stonehenge! After researching Stonehenge we wrote a report on it. Below is a video of a BURN 2 LEARN activity we did where we matched the sentence to the correct punctuation it was using. We used this as inspiration for our writing!

video burn 2 learn.MOV

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After researching Stonehenge and learning all about it this week we had an exciting homework to design our own! Take a look.

This week in writing we have wrote a discussion on whether we think the Bronze was better or the Stone Age. We wrote three paragraphs. The first in favour of the Stone Age, the second in favour of the Bronze Age and finally giving our opinion.


BURN 2 LEARN: To help us think of points to include for each side we went on a bit of a hunt around the classroom! We split into teams and had a class debate. Take a look at our burn 2 learn activity.

THE IRON AGE. This week we have been looking at life in the Iron Age and in particular within Hillforts. After learning all about the different features of a Hillfort we left the classroom to visit one. All of a sudden it was under attack! We then wrote a diary entry all about this experience.


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Now we have been living in our Hillfort for a while it's time we got a job! After deciding which job we wanted to apply for (metal worker, farmer, weaver or potter) we had a mock interview with our partner asking them various questions about why they should get the job. Following this, we wrote our job applications with a focus on using commas in a list to describe the skills we possessed. 
In D.T this week we have been looking at a range of Iron Age recipes! After designing our own recipe, we cooked fruit stew and had the chance to try some.