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Super Sycamore

This year you will have the chance to achieve all these Westwood Wishes!

1. Learn about money management and budgeting

In ICT, we have been learning how to use spreadsheets to budget and keep track of money.

2. Learn to play the guitar

Every Friday, Sycamore get guitar lessons from Mr Jennings.

3. Go on a Fossil hunt

At Ingleborough, the children had a chance to search for fossils  both on the walk and while caving.

4. Contribute to the Westwood Parliament

At the beginning of the year, the class got to elect their representatives in our Westwood Parliament

5. Perform poetry to an audience 

When learning about WW2, the children wrote their own sense poems and performed them for the class. During Poetry Week, we also wrote and performed a poem about Mayan Gods. 

6. Ride a rollercoaster

7. Prepare and cook a meal

For our first parental involvement, the children cooked some traditional Sikh cuisine. During Spring 1, our DT lessons involved cooking lots of different street food.

8. Sleep away from home

At Ingleborough, the children spent the week away from home.

9. Go underground

At Ingleborough, the children visited both the show cave and Thistle Cave.

10. Visit a theatre

In March, we went to see a performance of Alice in Wonderland!

11. Engage in discussions about substance use

In RSHE, D-Side visited us and helped us understand the difference between legal and illegal drugs.

12. Climb a mountain

At Ingleborough, the children walked up the slopes of Ingleborough Mountain in the Yorkshire Dales

13. Represent the school in a competition as a team or an individual

Some members of the class have already had the chance to play for the school football team.

14. Take part in a debate

As part of writing a discussion, we debated whether or not we should travel back in time.

15. Perform a musical on stage

Auditions and rehearsals have already begun for our end of year show, Bugsy Malone.

Sycamore's School Parliament

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