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Adventure 1- Changes Through the Ages

Due to the invasion, a lot of jobs became available to apply for. We looked at the characteristics needed for each job and wrote a letter to persuade someone why we would be the best person for the job.


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Grug and Ugger transported us to the Iron Age next, where were looked at roundhouses and hillforts. We even got the chance to see our very own hillfort but we were invaded! The enemies came out of nowhere and defeated our hillfort so we needed to write a letter home to let them know what happened.

After that, we met the bell beaker people. We wanted to create our very own clay pots and then write some instructions for other people to follow.

Some of the children thought that the Stone Age was better whereas some thought that the Bronze Age was better so we decided to have a debate. We looked at points about both and argued our point of view. We then put this down in a written discussion using conjunctions within our writing.

Grug and Ugger told us that as the Neolithic times moved towards the Bronze Age, Stonehenge began to be built. We wanted to find out more about Stonehenge and to let other people know what we found out we wrote a non-chronological report.

Once we hunted for our food, we wanted to taste it. In D.T we taste tested our food and evaluated it by rating the taste, appearance and smell out of 10.

Through finding out that Stone Age people hunted for their food, we wanted to give it a try. We went up onto the field with our spears made from wood and stone and charged at our juicy meal. We couldn’t believe our eyes when Grug appeared from the trees to help us with our first-time hunting, which was extremely successful.

Grug and Ugger told us that there were some houses for sale in Skara Brae but they were struggling to sell them so they needed out help. Using rhetorical questions, we acted like estate agents and wrote an advert for these amazing, practical houses.

Next, we wanted to find out more about the similarities and differences between the artefacts found from the Stone Age and the present day. We looked at what they were made out of and what they would have been used for. After that, we visited Grug and Ugger’s village- Skara Brae. Their houses were unbelievably small and everything was made from stone. We labelled a layout of a Skara Brae home in order to help with out writing.

We decided to draw some cave art just like the Stone Age people did to communicate and show us what life was like during that time.

When we arrived in the Stone Age, we realised that it must have been extremely dark in the caves and wondered how they would have seen things. In science, we did an experiment to find out more about light and how it helps us to see. Grug and Ugger didn’t have electricity and torches, they would have used fire as their source of light in the caves.

We wanted to find out more about Amesbury and where Grug and Ugger were from so we used atlases and maps in geography to find out where in the country it is. Amesbury is in the county of Wiltshire which is south of England. After finding out more about Grug and Ugger, Miss Robertshaw brought in her rusty, old time machine for us to travel back and visit them in the Stone Age. However, something terrible happened. We got stuck there! We wrote a diary about our time machine experience.

Arriving back at school was a little bit strange as we have had so much time away, so we decided to write a letter to our future self about our lockdown experience. Miss Robertshaw found an unusual letter when she was marking our books that nobody recognised. It was talking about hunting for food and wearing animal skin! We found out that it was from 2 children named Grug and Ugger who were from Amesbury in the Stone Age.