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Wednesday 7th July


Carrying on with coordinates, we are now going to be plotting them to create a shape. Make sure you label each coordinate with the correct letter so that you don't get confused. You will be making quadrilaterals therefore there are 4 coordinates as it is a 4-sided shape. Once you have plotted, join them together like dot-to-dot.

Guided reading:

I know you all love visualisation so we are going to visualise Bob from Billionaire Boy. We now know a little bit about Bob and his appearance along with some of his character traits so before you draw an image of him I want you to fill out the character wheel which will get you thinking about Bob as a person as well as what he looks like.


Today, you will be writing your own setting description making sure to include lots of adjectives that describe Farley Towers. Think about your 5 senses and use the example and checklist to help you.


Go through the slides to see the example of a county study for West Yorkshire. Then create a factfile answering the questions on the slide about Hampshire. This could be done on paper or  PurpleMash if you have access. Think about how to set it out, you want it to look catchy!