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Autumn 1- Euromazing

This week in Science, Saffy has set us a challenge of planning an investigation to test the effectiveness of different materials for blocking out noise. We worked in teams to work out what variable would change and which things would stay the same in order to carry out a fair test. 

Today, we have been raising awareness for mental health. After discussing the different things we already do in school to help with our mental health like time to talk, mind mate and tree of dreams, we completed our own activity. We found a partner and made a pact to trust them, their job was to guide their partner who was blindfolded to different areas of the field. Following this, we talked about how it felt to trust our partner and how it allowed us to appreciate nature even more which was this years theme!

We have now arrived in Italy! To start our journey in Italy, we researched how to make a pizza and then we did some research on our peers favourite toppings. Following this, we designed a product for our partner that met their success criteria. Finally, we made the pizzas and the best part... Ate them!

In D.T, we have now started to weave using raffia, a needle and a piece of card!

This week in writing, we were invited to an exclusive unveiling of the Mona Lisa! A very wacky art dealer named Mr Hazelboom greeted us and even gave everyone an interview for a job! Our challenge was to persuade our partner to buy one of the paintings which weren't cheap! We used lots of adjectives and persuasive language to convince them. Afterwards, we looked at what a typical advert looked like and picked out the features.

This week we have been learning how to ride a scooter safely! We now know to follow certain rules whilst we have lots of fun!

In Science, we're continuing our unit of sound! Today we were learnt how sound travels through vibrations. We used rice on a drum so that we could see this. We even made string telephones and investigated how the sound could change. The following day, we learnt about pitch and how it differs to volume. We were able to make a high pitch sound and a low pitched sound through changing the way we play an instrument for example, shortening the string on a ukelele. 

Today we voted for for someone in our class that we believed should be a member of the school council! We discussed the importance of democracy and what it means to be a member of the school council, we loved being able to cast our own votes and contribute to the outcome!

This week in writing, we’re writing a letter to Fifi so that we can update her on our journey so far. After learning what our wizards meant and how to use them appropriately, we played a game with our partner to test their knowledge! 1- spell the word, 2- tell your partner what it means, 3- use it in a sentence, 4- repeat it four times,  5- tell your partner a word that means the same thing and 6- spell the word whilst doing star jumps! 


In Guided Reading, we have been working with the text ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and our skill focus has been inference. To finish our lesson on Friday, we got into small groups and performed a freeze frame from the story! Our peers had to use the clues and try guess what it was. 

Next on our journey to find the trophy, we travelled to Scotland and learnt about tartan! To begin our D.T. lesson, we started to weave using paper strips.

In Science, we have started our unit of work on sound! To begin the unit, we went on a sound walk around school. We tried to think of places that would be quiet and places that would be very loud, we recorded our findings when we returned to the classroom. 



This week, we have been writing a leaflet persuading people to come and visit England! Before we started the leaflet, we picked out key features from an existing one. We identified pictures, sub-headings, persuasive language and the use of questions throughout. We decided to write our leaflet on two mains areas: the countryside and the city, to help us think about the content of each paragraph we spent some time describing each place and asking questions about them. 

In RE, we’re learning about Judaism and the origin of the religion. We learnt about the significant sacrifice Sarah and Abraham made and even got into role and imagined how they felt. Following this, we discovered how lots of people have a special relationship with God and some even follow ‘rules’. We read the Ten Commandments and then made our own, things that we believed were important to live by. 

We started our adventure by being introduced to Fifi! She is a security guard who’s job it is to look after major football trophies. However, Fifi has made a huge mistake… she has misplaced the European cup and it’s Elder’s job to find it! We first visited the United Kingdom, we identified the countries that make up the United Kingdom and also located lots of cities. We even discussed what counties were!