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Adventure 2- If I Ran a Zoo

If I Ran a Zoo..


We find mysterious egg hidden in the playground and we have no idea what animal it is from. We need to find the owner of the egg and work out what might come out when it hatches...

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We found an egg outside in the bushes. We did not know where it had come from or who it belonged to. To try and reunite it with its owner, we wrote descriptions of it and where it was found.

We made a map of where we found the egg to go along with our poster in case it helped locate its owner.

We needed to find out more about monkeys to be able to give them the best enclosure. We researched using pictures what monkeys ate, enjoyed doing and their habitat. We wrote a report on our findings.

Once we had done our research we were able to create our own enclosures to keep the monkeys entertained and ensure their survival.


Our next job was to help the lions. There enclosure didn't have a space for them to rest and hide. We had to make them dens for shelter. We used sticks, tubes, sheets, pegs and zip ties.

The lions were having some trouble with their neighbours, the elephants. They had to hide in their dens because the elephants kept squirting water over into their enclosure. They were stamping their feet and trumpeting stopping the lions from sleeping. We imagined what that would be like. We then wrote how we felt, what we saw and what we heard on big paper.

We needed to protect the lion's from the water spraying on them. We decided to make them umbrellas to keep them dry.

We decided to make another sculpture for our gift shop. We created lions out of plasticine thinking carefully about their manes.

We were informed that we were getting some endangered animals in our zoo. We went to visit a zoo for endangered animals to find out how to care for them.

With our latest zoo arrival being a pregnant panda we decided to research animal offspring. We thought categorised animals based on whether the laid eggs or gave birth to live young. We noticed that reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects laid eggs and mammals have live babies. 

This week giraffes arrived in our zoo all the way from Africa. They were so cold in our climate so we decided to make them scarves long enough to cover the long necks.

This week we have been looking at how Christians celebrate Christmas. We all made our own advent wreaths to decorate the animals' enclosures.

To help the animals celebrate Christmas we continued to look at how Christians celebrate Christmas. We made the animals Christmas cards.