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Towards the end of the lockdown period, we have looked at Lemony Snicket’s - A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning. We read the first chapter and have done a variety of activities at home based on this, including compehension and questioning activities. 
During lockdown, we looked at the book ‘Sleepovers’ by Jacqueline Wilson. We looked at a variety of different reading skills when Reading the whole text including inference, retrieval and types of vocabulary. We really got to know all the characters in the text and formed our own opinions about them based on evidence. 
We also did William Shakespeare work during the Spring 1 lockdown. We looked at the text of Macbeth and completed a variety of comprehension type activities based on the text. We even did some research about William Shakespeare himself! 
In Reading, we have looked at a variety of skills half term. These have included inference, prediction and visualisation. Here is some of the fabulous work the children have been doing below. 
                                           Billy                                                   Maisie 
                                          Libby                                                  Alfie 

We have looked at the text Pocahontas, which linked nicely to our River Rescue Adventure. The book is written by E.B White and we did a variety of literal and inference activities related to it. Here is a Burn2learn we did where we had to separate statements from the story into literal or inference facts.

Early into the term, we have been looking at inference in Reading. Here, we have been detectives and have had to consider both what is literal and how we can infer different things in texts.