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Adventure 5 - The Princess Protection Program

The Princess Protection Program


Our topic this half term is about a princess in Leeds who needs saving from a dangerous dragon! The dragon is trying to capture the princess (we don’t know why yet!) and we will all become part of the Princess Protection Program to send the princess to safety! Follow our adventure to find out what happens!


The introduction to our topic started with imagining we were at the setting of the castle. With a colourful rainbow, pink blossom trees and an old castle we were able to experience the setting and write our descriptions of the princess’ home! 


We decided that the princess wouldn’t be safe in Leeds and we have sent her off to India! We decided that the capital of India, Delhi would be the best place for her whilst we stay back in Leeds and fight the dragon!


We looked at the physical features of India and used different resources to show the different types of geographical features!


The dragon has escaped and we have watched the CCTV footage from the school and seen the dragon breathe fire all over the playground! He was spotted around leeds and we mapped out his route and then wrote a recount of his travels! 


We wanted to know why the dragon visited these places so we decided to compare two to see the similarities and differences! 

We sent letters off to the dragon to ask him to sort out the mess he made in Leeds! But look what we received back!!

The dragon landed in our school and blew fire all over our playground!! Then he went on a rampage around Leeds and burnt some historic landmarks like Kirkstall Abbey! Look at our CCTV footage from school!


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We saw how the fire was a mixture of different shades and colours and we tried to make our own fire collages to recreate the dragons hot flames!

We have been in contact with the princess to find out all about India and her time over there!


She told us her favourite cuisine was curry so we made our own! 


The princess also told us the weather in India is very different to in Leeds and she said that the weather is unbearable. The temperature was 31 degrees compared to our 7 degrees in Middleton! So we designed and made her some fashionable fans to help cool her down.


We decided to visit India ourselves to visit the princess and see how beautiful it is over there! We visited lots of different places including the India Gate, the Lotus Temple, the streets of Delhi and the Akshardhan Temple. We travelled around India writing different adjectives and nouns to help us form our own writing.


After following this dragon for weeks and weeks we decided to make a potion to stop him from wanting to eat a princess so that we can safely bring the princess home! We even wrote instructions so we wouldn't forget how to make more for other dangerous dragons.

We thought other people with mean feisty dragons might want to buy our potion after it being so successful so we created an advert for it!

Our science this half term is all about seasonal change and we have learnt all about the weather. Some of our class even became news reporters for the Westwood News!


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Still image for this video

After looking at the weather in summer we have compared that to the weather now. We have created rain gauges to measure the rainfall in Middleton and will compare this over a few weeks!

Here is the results! Look how much is has rained each week!


To finish off our adventure we joined in and created our own Holi festival. This children had lots of run throwing paint at the teachers! We all got covered!