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Curriculum Character

Meet Hope!

Hope has always strived to be the best version of himself that he can be! He has aimed to have a healthy body and healthy mind. From an early age, he has loved to be active and has found lots of ways to access physical activities ranging from swimming to playing team games with his friends. This has continued into his adult life.  Hope tries hard to eat a varied diet, although he does love a little chocolate treat now and again in moderation. But who doesn’t right? Hope knows he has to look after his mind as well as his body and knows where to turn for help when he needs it, this has been key to maintaining his positive mental health and well-being throughout his life.


Hope has an ambitious nature and knew he had to work hard to be a well-rounded citizen, in a career he loves, where he can help educate children about Relationships, Sex and Health. He is a caring, tolerant and compassionate individual and has the utmost respect for all members of his community and the wider world. This has helped him make positive relationships with his family and friends and to also support children to learn about all aspects of Relationships, Sex and Health Education in his career. 


Hope is sure he can help you to learn life-long skills that will help you, as you grow and develop into a successful, responsible and resilient adult in modern Britain or maybe even further afield! Who knows where your dreams will take you! Hope is confident he can help you prepare for the journey you choose to take and he can’t wait to participate in the exciting lessons he has ready for you! So will you join Hope to learn about RSHE?