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Autumn 1 Adventure - We all live in a yellow submarine

We went to Australia and wanted to make some new friends, so we came up with how we show friendship. We shared jokes, and toys and read together.

In Antarctica our submarine got stuck in the ice. We needed to fix the periscope, so in DT we made our own.

As we are stuck in Antarctica we need to melt the ice around the submarine. We investigated where the ice would melt the quickest in the playground.

We learnt about the importance of hygiene when baking. Then we decorated our cupcakes with hedgehogs, just like Herb.

We traveled to Asia. It was very hot, so designed and made our own hats. We decorated them with Japanese cherry blossom.

We have traveled to Africa and met many animals. Then one day they came to visit us in our classroom. We were all very brave holding and stroking the different animals. First we met a tortoise and a baby tortoise

Next we met a friendly snake.

Then we met a spider.

Finally we met a fluffy chinchilla

The submarine window has been broken. We had to investigate materials properties and then hunt for evidence to find out what broke the window.

We have made it back to England. We created art showing the autumn sunset with Herb in shadow. We used two primary colours mixed together to make a secondary colour, for the background

We wanted to show Herb and all our friends and family what we have been doing during our adventure around the world. So we set up the hall with examples of our work from the different continents and a different activity.