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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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We looked at the properties of materials and thought about why certain objects were made from certain materials. We then tested 4 different materials (rock, plastic, fabric and wood) to see which would slow a toy train down fastest. We made a prediction based on our knowledge of these materials' properties and then performed a test. We found out that the rock slowed it down fastest and thought this was because it is rough and bumpy.

Animals including humans 


We now have lots of animals at our zoo. We needed to make sure they were all in the correct area of the zoo. We looked at the animals we had and thought about how we could group them. Some of us through about the number of legs the animals had, others grouped on skin type. We then thought about animal classifications and grouped them based on their characteristics. We needed up with amphibians, fish, birds, mammals and reptiles. 

Silly Science 

We had a scientist visit us today to show us how we can be scientists and do some silly science experiments! We made explosions and fire, as well as other exciting things! 


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Science Fair