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Adventure 4 - What Happens in Wonderland

Our Adventure Song

We’ve had a very busy week this week! 
On Tuesday, we completed our sponsored walk to the park! 
Our little legs did so well with walking all that way and we were so sensible too! 

In RSHE, we have been learning about our feelings and emotions. We learnt how to name and recognise different emotions when we feel them. We talked about some scenarios and how they might make us feel. We discovered that some scenarios make people feel differently! We then wrote a little fact file about ourselves and our emotions.

This week, we received a letter from the White Rabbit. He had eaten some mushrooms and they had turned him tiny! He needed our help to collect some items for a special potion to help him grow back to normal size. In the letter, he said we needed to find the petal from a flower, the feather from a duck and a giant strawberry! Our adventure this term is to collect these things and make him a potion to help. 

We have started off by writing instructions on how to plant and grow a flower. Look at some of our amazing writing! We are working hard to make sure our handwriting is super neat and our tall and short letters are really clear. 

In RE, we have been learning about Lent and the Easter celebrations in Christianity. Last week, we learnt about Shrove Tuesday and why we celebrate pancake day. This week, we learnt about Ash Wednesday and how Christians celebrate this day.


We created crosses using black paper and pastels, to mimic the use of ash in church. We then answered a question to show our understanding of Ash Wednesday.

We designed our own smoothies this week in DT. First we designed them, then we made them! 

We planted our seeds from the White Rabbit today! We had to follow the instructions we wrote really carefully.

This week we got another letter in the post!

This letter was from the Queen of Hearts. She wanted to help us to get the next item on our list - the feather from a duck. We have to look after some duck eggs to help them hatch and grow!

We wrote letters back to the Queen of Hearts to tell her that we would look after the ducks. Look at some of our beautiful writing!

Next, we got a delivery from a caterpillar! He said that we needed to piece together the puzzle to earn our giant strawberry for our potion. We worked in pairs to solve the puzzle!

In RSHE, we read a story called ‘The Invisible String’. We discussed what this meant and how we are connected to our loved ones even though we can’t always see them. We thought about all of the people our invisible strings connect us to.

This term, we have been recording the weather every day! 

In Art, we have been learning about Karen Wyeth who uses felt to create pictures of flowers. We had a go at making our own. First we painted a background and then felted flowers to stick on top of our scene.

We had a mad hatter’s tea party to celebrate the end of our adventure!

We learnt about The Easter Story in RE. We had to sequence the story using the main events. All of us were able to sequence the story, talk about it and explain why Christians celebrate Easter.

We wrote setting descriptions about our Mad Hatter's Tea Party. We used our new wizard words to describe the scene and also the food we were eating.