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Autumn 2- If I ran a zoo

Today we discovered a mysterious egg on the field…

Where did it come from? Who did it belong to? What should we do with it? 

The children thought about who it could belong to…

They then thought about how we could find out and how we could return it…

We decided to make a poster to describe the egg and help the owner find it. Look at our fantastic sentence writing! 

Today we received a video from a zoo keeper at yorkshire wildlife park. He had seen our posters and been able to retrieve his missing crocodile egg! All thanks to our fantastic writing…


Still image for this video

We then described the zoo keeper.

In RSHE we have been looking at keeping safe indoors and outdoors. Within this we have been discussing how to stay safe near the roads and how to cross the roads safely. The children then all got to practise crossing the road safely, remembering to stop, look and listen!

This week we had a special guest arriving at our zoo, a lemur! We learnt all about what lemurs need…

Then we received a parcel containing evidence it might have had an animal inside, could it be our lemur? 

After our lunch we arrived back to evidence a visitor had been in our classroom. They left quite the mess…

In Geography, we have been looking at where our Lemur friend has come from. We have been looking at the physical and human features of Madagascar and Leeds. We then had to label the physical features of Madagascar and the physical features of Leeds. We then thought of how the places were similar and different based on these features.

Using what we have learnt about physical and human features of Madagascar and Leeds we decided that our Lemur would prefer to live in Madagascar. We then were given the job of creating the Lemur a new habitat and identify the physical and human features in this habitat. 

Den building workshop

As part of our DT topic for this half term we were lucky enough to take part in a den building workshop with Chris. He got all the children involved and it really built up our resilience, communication and teamwork skills. 

In art we have been looking at Andy Goldsworthy. He is a sculptor who creates his work from natural resources. 

The animals had now left a mess in our classroom. There were lots of poos for us to investigate to see which animal had left them behind. This helped us to group and sort out zoo animals by their diets. Some are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

The children then sorted more animals by their diets

Then we looked at baby pictures of our teachers and looked at how we could tell who they were by the features and characteristics.

The children showed a good understand that humans have babies and they grow older and what happens at each stage.

We then looked at animals and their offspring too. The children matched the adult animals to their offspring.