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Spellings - Words that have the -tch spelling (adding the 't' before 'ch').






TCH Trigraph Sound | TCH Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

This animated phonics song helps children learn the sound of the trigraph TCH in English. A trigraph is a combination of three letters representing one sound...


In Maths we are going to be continuing length and height. Today, we are looking at how we measure using things other than a ruler- this may be blocks, paper clips, blocks etc. In the workbook, you need to measure how long or tall something is by counting - could you estimate before finding the answer?

Brainpop Jr. Nonstandard Measurement


Today I would like you to create a poster advertisement for a 'support the crayons' campaign. Adverts are meant to be exaggerated and bold, they are meant to be eye-catching and persuasive.

Therefore, I would like your adverts to include words such as:

  • Join the biggest strike on earth!

  • You must do the right thing!

  • March with the crayons!

All of the above are examples of snappy captions which you could include on your advert. We are trying to recruit and raise awareness for the crayons, so make your advert appealing. 

Science - Materials!
You Science challenge today is to group materials you find in your home according to their properties. This means you might put everything wooden together, everything plastic together, everything glass together and everything metal together.

Once you have grouped the materials you may change how you group them, have a think about the similarities and differences between the materials - could you put all the soft materials together? What about the hard materials? What about the flexible and the rigid materials? Try think of as many ways as you can, then take a picture each time you sort them.