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Our Lessons

We learn a new sound each day. Each sound has a  rhyme and/or a picture to help us remember. (see ryhmes above)




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We then read some green words (words we can sound out). We start by using Fred talk to sound out words with our new sound in. When confident we move on to using 'Fred in our heads' (saying the sounds in our heads and reading the word) to read words with previously taught sounds in. We then take a challenge to read words even speedier.


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We then learn to spell words containing our new sound as a well as previously taught sounds. We say the word we want to spell, we count out the sounds onto our 'Fred Fingers',  we pinch the sounds and then finally write them down. We then tick or fix our spellings.
To learn tricky red words (ones we can't sound out) we try hard to remember them and beat our time at reading them. 
We then read an exciting book that is full of the sounds we have previously learnt. On a Monday the book is introduced and we look at the vocabulary. On a Tuesday we have a our first read. We read with our partner. One person points to the text as the other reads and then we swap. Once we have done this our teacher reads with lots of expression. On a Wednesday we read the book again to build speed and try and jump in with our teacher's reading. On a Friday we read speedily and answer questions s about the text.