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Wednesday 3rd March


Today we are going to measure volume in litres and determine whether an amount is more than, less than or equal to a litre.


Today we are going to be visualising but this time using a picture from the text. This picture is when the old man's forest begins to flourish. 

Questions to think about:

  1. What can you see?
  2. What do you think?
  3. What do you wonder?
  4. What is the picture of? How do you know?
  5. How many animals can you find?
  6. What would you hear if you were stood in the picture?


Purple crayon has learnt so much already in Asia. Palm leaf has shown him how the children colour so neatly. They Follow the pictures below.


We need to inform Duncan on how to colour properly so we are going to write down a sentence for each of the pictures to make it really clear for him.


We must include:


What he will need

Numbered instructions


Purple crayon is unique. He is the only crayon that is really bothered about neat colouring. He likes to visit new places (like Asia). He enjoys eating grapes! He is different to all of the other crayons in the box.


What makes you unique? It could be how you look (wearing glasses) or something you like to do (play football) or your favourite things (colouring). These things are different to everyone else- you'll find other people may like the same things but if you compared your lists of what made you unique there would be lots of different things! No two people are the same.


Can you design your own crayon to represent you? It could be your favourite colour. The wrapper could have things you like on it. The crayon could be playing football (if that is something you like). It could be in your favourite place. Get creative!