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Thursday 1st


Today we will be continuing with our problem solving. After our live session, you will need to:

- Complete arithmetic problems from lesson 3 slides. 

- Complete puzzle sheet.


Remember to send your work to the Willow class email address:



Today we will be focusing on the vocabulary used in the text. Using the guide sheet, find each word in the text and copy out the sentence that it features. Then write a definition of the word. See if you are able to write a definition of the word without having to use a dictionary.



Today we are going to be thinking about the next paragraph in our setting description - focusing on the inside of Hogwarts Castle. 

Using the images on the slides and the video link to Youtube, jot down some ideas about what could be described. Then use the descriptosaurus to gather some vocabulary that you could use to describe the inside of Hogwarts and jot this down on your SPAG sheet. 


Virtual Tour Of Hogwarts

this is a video released by EA UK....this video takes you through hogwarts and shows u everything, its from the order of the phoenix can check out m...