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Shiver me timbers

In a 'Burn to Learn' we matched similies to describe the pirate on board our ship. His hat was as black as coal. His hook was a sharp as a sharks tooth. He was as smelly as a skunk.

We used the artist Kandinsky as inspiration for our pictures of the Whomping Willow

We were exploring our sense of touch to get past the Whomping Willow. We worked in pairs to navigate around the classroom blindfolded using our sense of touch to find our way.

We need to dive under the water to find Peach the starfish and the next clue. To do this we need to make goggles to enable us to see under the water. First we investigates translusent and opaque materials, to find out which would work best. Then we applied our knowledge to make our fantastic goggles.

We found Peach and helped to rescue her from a net. She told us that if we gave her something beautiful to look at she would give us the next clue. So we made these fantastic kalidascopes and she gave us the next clue.

We made it to the Mystical Maze. We had to tell a joke to the friendly giant. Then we had to crawl through the tunnels. Next we had to use the stepping stones to get across the quick sand. Finally we had to floss for Treebeard. At last we made it to the center of the maze and got the next clue.

We looked at mixing primary colours to make other colours. We then used these to make our own Kandinsky circles.

We have followed the next clue underground and found Mr. Mole. He is helping us to find the next clue, explaining that we need to follow our noses. We set out a test to see how good we are at distinguishing between different scents.

Using our sense of smell we followed the smells to find the next clue. The children worked together to sniff out the path. After some teamwork we found it.

We need to make a sleeping potion for the dragon. In science we tested how good our sense of taste is, by trying to detect different flavours.

Now we have found the treasure chest we are ready to open it. Before we do we decided to make our own treasure chest with working lid in DT.

Finally, we used our ability to solve riddles to follow the riddles around the school with our parents and friends to find the treasure.