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Adventure 4- The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day the Crayons Quit!

Welcome back! We are so excited to have you all back in class to continue our adventure 'The Day the Crayons Quit!'. We hope you are ready to help the next lot of crayons with their problems and to help Duncan make the right decisions!


This week we have received letters from the grey, white and black crayons. Let's see if we can help them! Read their letters below.

The three crayons took a trip to Antarctica. Whilst they were there they realised there weren't many colours to see. They were so confused why there weren't lots of green plants and colourful flowers. We decided to help them find out why. We looked at beans and seeds and did an experiment to see the conditions that they needed to grow.
We found out that seeds and beans need a moist environment to germinate but after that they need sunlight, water, nutrients, air and a good temperate to survive. The environment in Antarctica was no good for most plants! The crayons were happy that they had lots of white (snow), grey (seals) and black (penguins) to draw!
The crayons were so excited about the animals that live in Antarctica because most of them are grey, white or black. Grey crayon saw lots of small grey animals and it helped black and white crayon feel like they had a purpose. We found out lots of facts about the different animals to share with Duncan so that he could draw these back at home.

Green, Orange and Yellow crayons needed a break. The travelled to the Americas. They went to both North and South America and saw lots of different things. They explored the Amazon Rainforest and tried different food when they arrived in North America.


Orange and Yellow crayon were having trouble with their friendship as they both though that they were the colour of the sun. Green crayon was trying hard to help them out. We acted out being each crayon so that we could see the story from all of their points of view.


Along the way they met many different animals and they told us all about them. The only problem was they never told us which continent they met each animal on! We used the iPads and books to help us work out if the animal was from North or South America!
When the crayons arrived in North America they were starving! They told us about all of the amazing foods that they got to try. From American pancakes to apple pies! They told us lots about the different food but unfortunately the message got a bit muddled in the post. We had to work out which facts matched the foods.
The crayons told us how delicious the American pancakes were and that you could have so many different toppings with them! We decided to make our own and try them, they were delicious.
Duncan really wanted to learn how to make the pancakes too. So we thought we would write him some instructions to follow. We knew he was not the most careful child (thanks to purple crayon) so we made sure we used lots of bossy verbs to explain what he had to do.
To show Duncan the range of things that they could draw they sent us lots of different green, orange and yellow animals from the rainforest. We used junk modelling materials to recreate them and show Duncan how to branch out with his creations.
We learnt about the importance of friendships and how to overcome conflict. We thought we should make some help sheets for Orange and Yellow crayon to refer to.
Blue and Pink crayons decided to escape for a break too. Blue was overused and Pink was underused! They took off to explore Africa. Whilst they were they Pink crayon got very excited as she learnt about a pink animal- one that Duncan might want to draw! She tried to send us a picture so that we could describe it to Duncan but her camera skills were not very good and we ended up with a bit of a puzzle to build!
Finally we managed to pursuade all the crayons to meet us in Oceania for a big party. We wanted to celebrate all the colours. We thought about what each colour made us think of and sorted pictures and objects into colours. We then wrote beautiful colour poems.
We threw a 'Shades' Party in celebration of Black, White and Grey crayons. Everyone wore the shades and some sunglasses! We played Pictionary (but we were only allowed to use a black pen), we acted out being different animals for the other children to guess, we played blindfolded tag (everything went black!) and we tried lots of different black, white and grey food. 
Duncan promised to use the crayons for different drawings and mix up what he drew. We came up with lots of designs of our own.