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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Wellbeing at Westwood

At Westwood we have been working hard to make well being at the forefront of our everyday practice. This includes creating a Westwood Wellbeing Walk in, a sensory room, having dedicated well being afternoons every half term and creating a safe space for both children and staff alike to feel comfortable talking about their mental health. 

Below are pictures of our well being walk in area. It has been designed with children at the forefront. There is a bubble area, to help calm and keep children grounded. On Mental Health Day the children all put their hand print on one wall of the area, to show that we are all united together. There is also our two furry friends, Marshmellow and Fudge who love having cuddles with the children! 

Well Being Walk-in

Our sensory area is an amazing space for the children to regroup, take some time out for themselves and immerse themselves with the lights and floating fish!

We have recently invested in a well being book shelf! This book shelf is dedicated to everything well being and mental health. The books on it are designed to help children understand why they feel certain feelings, and what to do when these feelings arise. 

Every classroom has a "Tree of Dreams." The tree has been designed to show off our children's talents and celebrate them and their individuality. When a child has completed something they are proud of, or achieved a certificate for something from out of school, it is placed on the tree of dreams. It's been amazing seeing what the children are capable of doing! Look below to see what our amazing children have been up to.