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Thursday 11th Feb


Today we are going to be looking at equivalent fractions. This means that even though the fraction is written differently, it is still worth the same. We will be using our timetables knowledge to help us. During the live lesson we will discuss equivalent fractions and how these can be shown through bar modelling. Then, you will go ahead and complete the guided practice and workbook questions independently. There is a fraction wall attached to help you if you have a printer.

Guided reading:

Now that we have read most of the book 'The Twits' and learnt more about the characters, I thought it would be a good idea to do another inference lesson. We now directly know more about them (literal) which means that we can infer more about them too. During the live lesson, we will read the next chapter and decide whether some statements are inference or literal which will then help with your independent task. You are going to draw a gingerbread man template and inside you will write down literal statements and on the outside you will write the inference statements about Mrs Twit.


Today we are starting our discussion. We are going to be thinking about what would be included in our introduction and why people are even discussing it in the first place. People can't agree on whether North America is better or the UK. I have written an example for you to magpie ideas from. Then, one of the main features of a discussion is conjunctions. We need to explain the points that are given using words like; because, therefore, as a result. We will discuss reasons for the UK together and then I will upload them below. You are then going to write the introduction paragraph and reasons for the UK being better. Use your plan from yesterday to help you!



Another aspect of our RSHE safety week is focusing on road safety.

1. Watch the video and think about what you should do if something unexpected happens.

2. Then, there are some pictures attached of people doing things that they shouldn't be near a road; there are some children playing ball games and someone crossing a road when it is the red man. I would like you to write down what they should do instead.

3. Now that you know all there is to know about road safety, design a road safety poster. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

4. As a final activity, read through the book 'Tales of the Road' and complete the quiz at the end.