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Star of the Week

Autumn 1 

Week 1 - 15.9.22 - Oscar

Oscar has had a great first week and a half in Year 4. Oscar has to move around quite a bit in the mornings going to lots of different teachers for different lessons and every time he comes back into our classroom, he sits down and gets on with what he has missed. Well done Oscar!!


Week 2 - 22.9.22 - Abbie

Abbie has been brilliant these last two weeks! She puts so much effort into all of her work, she is always ready to go and is a great role model and example for the rest of the class. Well done Abbie!!


Week 3 - 29.9.22 - Sienna

Sienna is such a kind, caring and hardworking member of Oak Class. She always puts 100% effort into everything she does and always does it with a huge smile on her face! Well done Sienna!


Week 4 - 6.10.22 - Bethany

Bethany has had a brilliant week all round this week. She has worked so hard in everything including maths, music, science and PE. She really threw herself into the Judo workshop this week and has worked incredibly hard in everything! Well done Bethany! 


Week 5 - 13.10.22 - Bailey

Bailey has had a brilliant week this week. I have been so impressed with the effort and attitude he has put into every lesson and he's kept going with a big smile on his face, even though he's had quite a bad injury to be dealing with as well this week. Well done Bailey!


Star of the Half Term - Asher

Asher has had a brilliant start to Year 4. He is always ready to learn and so polite and respectful towards everybody in the classroom. He puts maximum effort into all of his work and clearly takes pride in it. I've been very impressed with how we has settled into Year 4, and a very well deserved recipient of the first star of the Half Term. Well done Asher!

Autumn 2

Week 1 - 3.11.22 - Melanija - Melanija has been an absolute star this week! She has tried so hard in everything, particularly writing, and has been so enthusiastic! Well done Melanija!


Week 2 - 10.11.22 - Xavier - Xavier has had a brilliant week this week! He had a wonderful parents evening and mum and dad were so proud! Well done Xavier!


Week 3 - 17.11.22 - Scarlett - Scarlett has had a fantastic week! Even when she is not feeling 100%, she gives everything her all! She is always so positive and has a massive smile on her face and gives everything all of her effort. Well done Scarlett!


Week 4 - 24.11.22 - Lilly-Mae - Lilly-Mae always works so hard and put so much effort into all of her work. She has been feeling a little stressed this week with the assessments and got a little bit upset earlier in the week but she has worked so hard and really shown me what she is capable of and has done brilliant! Well done Lilly-Mae!


Week 5 - 1.12.22 - Jacob - Jacob has been a superstar this week! He has been trying so hard in all of his subjects and singing beautifully and loud during our rehearsals! He has also been a really kind friend, helping our new student settle in. Well done Jacob!


Week 6 - 8.12.22 - Shay - Shay has been amazing all year! He always gets on with everything, has a real focus and determination to do well in school and improve his work. Well done Shay, keep it up!


Week 7 - 15.12.22 - Sienna as chosen by Mrs Partridge


Star of the Half Term - Melanija - Melanija has been fantastic this half term! She always comes into school with a huge smile on her face and is so happy and ready to learn. She has also been working really hard at home and completing her homework, playing on TT Rockstars and reading her book. Me and Mrs Thompson have been really impressed with her attitude to learning, which is why she is our Star of the Half Term. Well done Melanija! 

Spring 1

Week 1 - Robinwood


Week 2 - 12.1.23 - Lyla

Lyla has been amazing this week! She has come back from Robinwood with a spring in her step! I've seen her grow so much in confidence and independence this week and she has been completing all of the activities in lessons to a really high quality and super speedy! Well done Lyla!


Week 3 - 19.1.23 - Jacob

I have been so impressed with Jacob this week! Jacob totally, totally came out of his shell as part of our poetry performance workshop this week and he was so, so confident and shouted his line amazingly to the rest of the school. Well done Jacob! 


Week 4 - 26.1.23 - Joshua

Joshua has put lots of effort into all of his work this week. He has worked hard on our new maths unit of fractions and he has enjoyed reading further in Paddington. He has also put lots of effort into his advert to visit DisneyWorld and has acted sensible and mature all week. Well done Joshua!


Week 5 - 2.2.23 - Skye

Me and Mrs Thompson have been really impressed with Skye's work ethic and motivation this week! She has been trying really hard in every subject and has even decided that she is not afraid to ask for help in maths. She has been amazing! Keep it up, well done Skye! 


Week 6 - 9.2.23 - Kayden

I have been so impressed with Kayden’s attitude to learning this week and his effort in all of his learning. He has come into class so positive and he has had a great week. Keep it up Kayden, well done!


Star of the Half Term - Sienna

Sienna works so hard all of the time. She is so kind, polite and has such a great sense of humour. She puts her maximum effort into everything she is asked to do and does it with a smile on her face. She does not give herself the amount of credit that she needs because she is amazing! Well done Sienna, we’re very proud of you!!

Spring 2

Week 1 - 23.2.23 - Kayden

Kayden has come back after half term with such a fantastic change in attitude! He is trying really hard in all of our lessons and not giving up on anything, he is being a really active and resilient learner. Well done Kayden - keep it up!


Week 2 - 2.3.23 - Abbie

Abbie is an absolute star! She works really hard in all lessons and is such a kind and polite member of the class. She is always offering to help me and Mrs Thompson around the classroom and she has just been fantastic! Well done Abbie!


Week 3 - 9.3.23 - Freddy

Freddy has worked so hard this week in all areas for the curriculum! He has put 100% effort into all of his work and has been contributing to whole class discussions. Well done Freddy!


Week 4 - 16.3.23 - Tilly G

Tilly has become so much more confident this week! She is always putting her hand up in class to ask and answer questions and is really enjoying all of her learning and getting totally stuck in. Well done Tilly!


Week 5 - 23.3.23 - Asher

Miss Clayton has been in our class lots this week and she has commented on how amazing Asher has been. He has really stood out for being so respectful, ready to learn and giving everything 100%, as he does every week anyway! Well done Asher, keep it up! 


Week 6 - 30.3.23 - Bethany

Bethany's last day at Westwood was today! We are going to miss her massively so we couldn't let her go without giving her the Star of the Week. She has been an excellent role model for everyone at Westwood and worked so incredibly hard all half term! Good luck in your new school and well done!


Star of the Half Term - Scarlett

Scarlett is this half term's star! She has been fantastic this half term. No task is ever too much for Scarlett and she gives everything 110% effort. She is a role model to others in the class and always sets the example to everyone. She is a superstar! Well done Scarlett! 


Summer 1

Week 1 - Tilly G

I couldn’t not give Tilly star of the week this week! The amount of effort she has put into writing her story of Tadeo Jones is incredible. She has tried so hard and it is an amazing read with lots of excitement and tension! Well done Tilly.


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Summer 2

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