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Adventure 1: Island Invaders

As we embarked on our adventure, we met Osmund and Hilda – a brother and sister living in Anglo-Saxon Britain. In order for us to travel back in time with them, we needed to make sure we didn’t stand out too much! We gave ourselves

Anglo-Saxon names and drew ourselves wearing appropriate clothing.

Osmund and Hilda told us about where the Anglo-Saxons originated from. We used maps and atlases to help show their journey to Britain. We looked at different reasons for why they wanted to leave their homelands behind.

We thought about what it would have been like for Osmund and Hilda’s ancestors leaving their native country behind before moving to Britain. We imagined that we were their grandparents, writing a setting description of the harbour before we left for Britain.

We imagineered what it would have been like, brainstorming expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors before writing our setting description.

Setting Description by Lexie

Setting Description by Jessica

Following this, we imagined what it would have been like for them to pack up all of their belongings and travel across the North Sea to Britannia before beginning their new life. The children thought about the different things they may have wanted to pack to take with them. They also thought about how they would have felt and what the journey across would have been like. 

The children imagined that they were one of the ancestors and recorded this in a diary entry, focusing on using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases.

Diary Entry by Lexie

Diary Entry by Emily

We then began to look at Anglo-Saxon homes, identifying outside and inside features.

In a short edit lesson, we looked at how we could improve a battle setting description.

We looked at Anglo-Saxon entertainment, looking at the toys and games they would have had.

We wrote a non-chronological report on the roles in an Anglo-Saxon village.

After tasting some Anglo-Saxon food, we created our very own delicious menu!

We enjoyed an amazing day out at Danelaw Village in York!

We wrote a recount of our trip, including all of the fantastic things we got to experience.

We then looked at Anglo-Saxon weapons, thinking about the positives and negatives of each one.

We then wrote an advert to try and persuade people to buy one of our weapons.



We wrote a newspaper report to report the invasion on the Anglo-Saxons.

Our song for this half term is 'Who You Gonna Call? The Saxons!)

Who You Gonna Call - Willow Class