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Spring 1: The American Dream

The American Dream



Happy New Year and welcome back!

Our new adventure 'The American Dream' will see us embarking on a journey across North America, after winning this fantastic trip of a lifetime!

Where will we go and what will we see? Well that all depends on you.... 

Life is a Highway lyrics - Rascal Flatts

This half term's song will be 'Life is a highway' by Rascal Flatts

Before we set sail on our adventure, we needed to find out where North America is! We used atlases and laptops in order to research where it is and find out lots of interesting facts so that we could create our own factfile.

After researching about North America, we coloured in the different countries on a map and created our own fact sheet.

Finally, we set sail to North America. BUT....disaster struck! We were caught in a storm and became shipwrecked! We wrote diaries about our ordeal.

Luckily we safely arrived in New York City where we used maps to locate where we were.

After getting injured during our shipwreck, we needed to see a Dr in New York. Whilst we visited the Dr, they told us all about the different food groups and what we should eat to keep healthy.

We then looked at the skeletons of a human and different animals.

We completed a Burn2Learn in order to find the missing skeleton pieces and their name labels. We had to find them and correctly put the skeleton together and place the name labels in the right place!

We wanted to further investigate different animal skeletons, so we decided to visit New York City zoo. Whilst we were there.....a grizzly bear escaped!!

We decided to follow the bear. We thought it might have returned to its home in Yellow Stone National Park in Montana. We investigated Yellowstone and found out that it was a Supervolcano!

When we arrived at Yellowstone, there didn't seem to be many visitors. We decided to write our own tourism leaflets to try and persuade more people to come and visit.

Whilst visiting Yellowstone, we decided to recreate images of it outdoors. We went to Middleton Park, and used natural resources that we found.

We heard that some developers wanted to destroy Yellowstone in order to build more shops and houses. We strongly disagreed with this so wrote a speech to the government!

Whilst in Yellowstone, we noticed lots of Dream catchers in the trees. We decided to investigate where they came from, so therefore travelled to Minnesota in order to visit the Sioux tribe. We noticed that they wore huge headbands, so we decided to design and create our own!

Our amazing Native American head dresses!

We then wrote a set of instructions so that other people could make a Native American head dress.

We also made our own dream catchers, just like the Sioux tribe.

We then decided to head to California, where we found a large group of Sikhs living. We learnt all about the Sikh religion and the story of Guru Nanak.

We decided that we would travel back home in order to look at a Sikh temple in our local area. We had a great time on our trip!

Assembly Finale - Thank you to all the parents and family who attended our assembly. It was great to see so many of you there!