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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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School Events

We also took part in Number Day! Here we did a variety of activities including Tenable, a Fibbonacci Sequence and task to find Buddy.  

On the final day of 2020, we had a non-uniform day. We also did an orienteering activity all across school where everyone got very competitive!

For Macmillan, the class were very lucky as Mr Ashford used his improved baking skills to make everyone a cake. We could not decide between a Kit Kat, Wispa, M&M, Buttons or Maltesers cake so we just went for a bit of everything!

For Mental Health Awareness Day, we did a variety of activities and spent the whole day off-timetable. We looked at ways we could look after ourselves an others and even had a go at doing some yoga!

For Halloween, we had a pumpkin competition. As you can see, everyone made so much effort and it was really hard to pick a winner!