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Adventure Two - If I Ran A Zoo

It's time for a new adventure! When Blossom class arrived back at school, they found a mysterious egg in their classroom. They had no idea where it came from! They thought about who it might belong too and decided that the best thing to do was put out a found poster so hopefully someone would come and collect it!
Our class story - 

We're Going to the Zoo Lyrics | Kids Animal Song | Children Love to Sing

Our class song for the half term.

We looked at compass directions and learnt about North, South, East and West. We then played a pirate game and had to run in the direction Miss Robinson shouted so then we could get the treasure! We then used a BeeBot and directed him where to go. 
Mr Cockcroft brought in his pet lizard to show all of us in Blossom class. We thought they were a bit similar to a crocodile with the way their skin was! We were all very brave and stroked him.
In Science we looked at materials. We thought about what the best material would be to make a house out of for the three little pigs. We poured water over the materials, jumped on them, squashed them and blew on them. We thought brick would be the best to use.
We looked at the importance of drinking milk and how it keeps our bones healthy and strong. We then designed our own milk superheroes from old milk cartons. Look how they turned out! 
In our editing lesson we looked at tricky words and how we spell them. Someone had written a bad piece of writing and we had to correct it all. 
In DT we looked at sculpting. We made our very own lions out of plasticine. We thought they turned out amazing! 
We started of our writing lesson by playing a what am I game. We had to read the poem and match it to the correct animal. We then wrote our own poems about pandas. 
We were given smelly animal poo by the zoo keepers! They couldn’t figure out what the animals liked to eat, so it was our job to dissect the poo and think about which animal it came from. We then thought about if the animal was a carnivore, herbivore, or ominovore. 
We wrote a recount of all of the animals we had met so far on our adventure. We pretended to be the animals to help us remember who we saw! 
In our editing lesson we had to write new adjectives to describe the wolves. We tried really hard. 
We built our very own lion dens - look how they turned out!
We had a look at what jews like to eat when celebrating. We tried crackers and their special bread. We liked the bread the best as it was very sweet.