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Autumn 2

Happy Halloween!


The children we so excited to come back to school this morning and share what outfits they would be wearing for Halloween in the evening! Lots of us were going to be Witches so we started the morning off by reading Room on the Broom. We were amazing at recalling the story parts, especially when it came to remembering what objects the witch lost on her broom. We then used our drawing and writing skills to make a list of the lost objects.

We also had lots of fun creating our own potions! The children enjoyed creating them in the water, home corner and writing area. We got creative and tried to think of what the potions might do if you drank them.

We are really enjoying the Room on the Broom story! This time we used the story to play a fred talk game and help us to draw the witch and then label her. The witch has a h-a-t. 

We went in to the hall today to look at the stage ready for our Nativity! Whilst we were in the hall, a Shepherd came running in because he lost his sheep! We had a look but we just couldn't see them...We was surprised to see that we had the story of The First Christmas with us in the hall and hadn't yet read it so was excited at the chance to tell us the story himself!



When we were back in the classroom we recalled the characters from the story and then had a go at drawing and writing about our favourite. 

We then used our reading skills to unscramble the mixed up sentences so that they made sense!

We have been learning more about the story and that Jesus was very special to a lot of people! We then had a think about who was special to us and shared our thoughts with our friends. After sharing our ideas, we had a go at drawing who was special to us and writing it down.

As December approaches, we have started getting ready for Christmas. The children have been fantastic at practicing our Nativity in the hall ready for their grown ups to come and see!

We then started thinking about advent and the time leading up to Christmas. Lots of us are excited about getting our advent calendars ready to count down to the big day! We looked at the different types of calendars that we can get but how they were all the same by having numbers from 1 to 24 on.

We got an exciting letter from Santa today! We have been chosen to look after Elfie and Evie 2 of Santa's elves. They are going to arrive in a sleigh and so we need to find a place big enough for it to land. We went for a walk around the outside of our school to see if we could find a good place. We had lots of good ideas but decided the field would be the best place!

We then got some aerial view maps to mark on where they could land the sleigh and then how they could get to our classrooms! We can't wait for them to arrive now!

We then created a magical trail for the elves to follow when they land the sleigh so they know how to get to the classroom!

This week we had a visit from Andy Goldsworthy! He is a sculpture artist who creates sculptures out of natural objects. We had a look at some of his work and then labelled pictures of the materials that we could see. We talked about which ones we liked best and why.

He then set us a challenge to design a Christmas card range for him. We used our loose parts to create them. We think the photos look fantastic!

Hello December!


We arrived at school this morning to find that the elves had found their way to our classrooms. They had also arrived with a note, present and advent calendar. We are all so excited that Elfie and Evie have arrived and can't wait to see what surprises they have in store for us!

This week we found out that the church has invited us to a Christingle service on Friday! We became busy learning what a Christingle was and what the different parts of it symbolise. He then had a go at labelling the picture in our books to help us remember what we would need to do on Friday.

We have also started our DT project which was set by our curriculum character R2-DT. Our job is to design and create our own Christmas tree decoration. We started our work by researching current Christmas tree decorations, having a think about what they are made of and what shapes we like.


We then made our our own salt dough decorations and selected our favourite shaped Christmas cutter.

Next we began to design what they would look like. We also added labels to our design.

The children were all SUPERSTARS in our Nativity today and we hope all that were able to attend thoroughly enjoyed the show. All of their hard work has paid off and we couldn't be more proud of them!

The Christingle service was wonderful. The children were all able to make their own Christingle to hold and take part in the service delivered by the Vicar.

For our last week of school we wanted to bake our very own Christmas biscuits. We all had own own ideas on what shape we wanted the biscuits to be so we decided to draw a picture of how we would like our biscuits to look! 

We loved getting to bake them but enjoyed their taste even more!