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Summer 2

Summer 2

Rocking around the coast.

 We began this adventure with a small crab named Sebastian arriving in our classroom. He told us that he lives by the coast in a rock pool and that his home was being destroyed. 

 First, we looked at grouping living things so that we would understand where he had come from. As part of the Science topic we also looked at how animals are classified and made our own animal classification keys. We learnt a mnemonic called Mrs Gren and wrote an explanation of the life processes. We then looked further into the animals at the coast and found that some of them were becoming endangered. We created non-chronological reports on the animals found in a rock pool. We researched animals on the endangered list and wrote a short fact

file on them and how we can help them. We looked into what rock pools consisted of and how they were made up (including all animals living there). 

 Once we had done this we wrote a diary entry (as Sebastian) as we had found pollution in the rock pools. We then looked into the coasts as part of our geography work. We mapped Leeds and Scarborough on a map. We looked into both places and noted the similarities and differences between different features in the areas. We wrote a persuasive speech to the local councillor to help clean up the local areas. We even enjoyed using chalk to draw some excellent shell pictures.

We went to Scarborough for our class trip and the Sea Life centre was amazing!


We wrote a recount of our day so that we didn’t forget what we had done! We used the pictures we had taken in Scarborough to sketch and then paint using watercolours. We wrote a postcard to our friends in other rock pools and drew a lovely picture on the front from our rock pool habitat. We had fun writing an acrostic poem making sure that we included lots of great features of writing as well as making it all about the sea side. As part of our PHSE topic we learnt about how to stay safe in the sun and created some fantastic information posters to go up around school.