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Tuesday 23rd February

Maths - 


Today we are continuing to look at addition and subtraction problems. With our work today, we have a missing number in our sum and we have to find the answer. To do this, we need to do the opposite of what the question asks us. For example, if the question was 8+_=10 then we would need to reverse it to 10-8= to find the missing number. 


Please complete both pages.

Writing - 


Our friend Red crayon has been super busy travelling around Europe! He has seen so many amazing things and written a postcard to us telling us about his adventures! A postcard is a little like a letter, except on one side of the card is a small written note and the other side of the card is pictures from where the person has been. I have attached Red crayons postcard below and I would like us to describe it.


In your description I want you to use adjectives (describing words). When we use more than three adjectives next to each other we use something called a comma. The comma is there to help the reader take a breath. For example, if I was describing Big Ben (the big clock) I would say, "Big Ben is huge, old and makes a loud noise." You have to use the comma after the first adjective. I would love it if all of you tried to use a comma at least once in your work. 

Handwriting - 


Today we are going to be handwriting our spellings.

Geography - 


I would like you to have a look at the map below / listen to the song and see if you can locate Europe on the map. Europe is a continent and is made up of lots of countries, such as, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and there is 44 countries in total! We are going to look at the different famous landmarks Red crayon has visited whilst travelling. 


He has been to - 

The leaning tower of pisa, 

Big Ben, 

Effiel Tower,

La Sergrada Famillia. 


What I would like you to do is research these places and then write a sentence about each of them. It could be as simple as "Big Ben is a tall clock." It would be great to see a picture drawn of the landmark too. 

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