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Adventure 1 - A Pinch of Magic

For our first adventure this year, we are travelling to the circus! We follow Leon, a young boy, as he steps inside a magic box to explore the circus and the magic within.

Have a little look at what we've been getting up to!

Our class song this term is...

Baby Shark Circus Song 😄 Circus Songs for Kids 😄 Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Baby Shark Circus Song by The Learning Station! Join Baby Shark, Momma Shark, Papa Shark, Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark & more circus sharks on a singing, act...

We looked at Giuseppe's artwork where he made faces out of fruit. We used his artwork as inspiration to make our own. We made ours out of food you may find at the circus! Have a little look at what we made.

In our story, we read about what happened when Leon stepped into Abdul Kazam's magic box. He entered the place in between. We stepped into our own magic box and ended up exploring a place in between as well!

We wrote some missing posters for Leon, when he entered the box, to help his friends to find him! Look at some of our amazing writing.

Next, we wrote a recount of what we saw when we stepped into the box. We talked about all the things that Leon found when he stepped into the box too!

We have been learning about the 7 continents. We learnt a song to help us remember them. Listen to us singing it! (some of us have some great dance moves too!)


Still image for this video

We talked about what it might be like to visit a circus. Some of us said that it would be fun but what if we couldn't see everything properly! This gave us an idea. In DT we designed, made and evaluated some binoculars. 

First we designed them. We thought about what shape they would need to be, what they would need to look like and how we might want to decorate them.

After we made our binoculars, we evaluated them and thought about things we might do differently next time.

Then we had a visit from someone from the circus! 

They taught us lots of tricks that we would need to be in the circus, like spinning plates, juggling and hula hooping!

Next we looked at a map of the United Kingdom and the journey that the circus took around it. We had a go at naming all of the countries in the UK before looking at each country in a bit more detail.

Next, we drew a painted some clown faces. We learnt all about primary and secondary colours which helped us to paint them.

Next, we recapped what the box looked like and we wrote some sentences to describe it.

Once we knew what countries made up the UK, we explored them a little further. We looked at the capital cities, the flags and what amazing things we might find there.

In English, we wrote instructions on how to do a magic trick. We used our time words and verbs to help us teach someone how to spin a hoop on their arm.