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Monday 18th January

Maths - 


Today we are looking at splitting numbers up. We are looking at teen numbers and finding out the two numbers that make it up. We know that all of our numbers from 10 - 19 contain a ten and another number. For example, 16 is made up of 10 and 6. What you will be doing today is splitting the numbers up on the worksheet below. 

Writing - 


Today we are off to the lost lagoon to find our next clue! We are going underwater for this task, and in the process, we are going to meet lots of amazing sea creatures! What we are going to do is write a report about animals that live in the sea. I have attached a video below for you to watch and find out facts for your report. 


In you report I would like you to include - 

The animal

What they look like

What they like to eat 

Where they live

Another fun fact about them

Draw a picture of them 

Bottlenose Dolphin 🐬 | Amazing Animals

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Red-Bellied Piranhas 🐡 | Amazing Animals

Female red-bellied piranhas can lay thousands of eggs! Learn more amazing facts about the red-bellied piranha in this video from National Geographic Kids.➡ S...

Seahorse | Amazing Animals

Seahorses can move their eyes independently of each other! Learn more amazing facts about the seahorse in this video from National Geographic Kids.➡ Subscrib...

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Science - 


We are going to look at our body again. The video below will tell you what to do for the activity. 

Balancing and the human body

Still image for this video

Spellings - 







Reading - 


Listen to the story below  :) 

Pig on a Dig

Still image for this video