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Children in Mulberry have been  researching different traditions in wedding ceremonies for Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu and Islam religions.

They then chose one of these to research further and some children in school recreated a wedding of this type.

Children learning at home, sent in photos to share their work. 

LKS2  Have been thinking about the question - How did it all begin? 

They have considered  the beliefs and theories about the origin and nature of the world.   They retold the Christian Creation story and used pictures to show the events of each day. 

The children in years 3 and 4 have been comparing the Christian celebration of Christmas and the Jewish celebrations of Hanukkah.     One of the traditions of Hanukkah is to play a game , so the children made their own paper Dreidels and then played the game with their friends.
LKS2 looked at the ten commandments and why they are important to Christians. They then wrote their own version.
They thought about different situations and how people would react to them. They then compared this to how Christians would react.
In Spring 2 LKS2 looked at the similarities and differences between the home shrine and the Mandir. They discovered lots of interesting facts.