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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Write a diary about your plants progress. Write down the changes it makes, how much taller it has grown, the colour of it and if it has grown any other parts yet. You could keep filling this diary in each day.

Activity 3:

Write a letter to one of your school friends. Tell them what you have been doing, what you want to do in the next few days and anything else you want to say. You could even post it through their door (remember not to knock and stay away from others).

Activity 4:

Activity 5:

Following on from your baking (adventure activity 5) can you write down the instructions for what you have made. Remember to include a title, what you need and the numbered instructions. When we are back at school bring it along and we can all bake together following your instructions! 

Activity 6:

Think of your favourite animal. Can you write a 'Who Am I?' poem to see if anyone can guess what you are describing? 


Can you guess mine:

I am taller than others

and I eat leaves with my brothers.

I am yellow and brown and my tongue is red

I have two little ears on top of my head.

I can see the tops of trees

that's where I get my leaves.

My neck is very long

can you guess, don't get it wrong!




Activity 7:

It's time to find out your family tree! Ask your mum or dad about their parents and their parents' parents. Make a booklet about each family member.

  • who are they to you?
  • what is their name?
  • where do they live?
  • how many children do they have?
  • what are their children's names?
  • what was/is their job?
  • what did they look like?

use pictures to draw mini portraits of each family member on each page.

Activity 8:

Have you heard about the fabulous Captain Tom Moore?

He severed in World War 2 and is now 99 years old! He wanted to raise money for the NHS and decided to do 100 laps of his garden to raise £1,000. He used a walking frame to get around the garden on his own. He has managed to raise £18 million pounds so far!


On 30th April it is going to be his 100th birthday. Your challenge is to make him a birthday card to help him celebrate (you can post it on your walk).


You could include:

  • a nice well done message inside
  • a happy birthday message
  • a little bit about yourself
  • a picture of you


Post your card to:

Captain Tom Moore

C/O Post Office Limited 

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine

MK43 0LA

Activity 9:

Whilst we are all stuck inside there are lots of things that we wish we could do. Write an 'I wish...' poem. Make a mind map of all of the things that you wish you could do. Some ideas are: see family, play with friends, go to the park, go to the beach. Think about how you can give more information using different connectives: and, because, so, when, if, that, or, but. Start each sentence with 'I wish' each time.




I wish I could see me family and give them all a hug.

I wish I could go to the park or the beach.

I wish I was able to go to the zoo so I could see the giraffes, 

Activity 10

Today is my dog's 4th birthday and he would like a party! You are now the party planner. Your job is to organise 4 doggy games, a table of delicious dog treats, organise a cake, get the decorations and invite all of his friends.


First of all think about the games and how they have to play them. Who is involved? What do they need to play? How do they play it?


Second you need to come up with the treats. What can they eat? Get creative with your doggy themed treats. Describe them- what they look like, smell like and taste like!


Thirdly (the fun part) the cake! Draw a picture of the cake and write down the ingredients and how to make it.


Fourth, its time for the decorations. Get creative and make bunting, banners and posters for the party.


Finally its the invitations. Remember to invite his friends. Tell them when, where and what time the party is. Let them know what games there will be and if they need to bring anything. Don't forget that when you are making a list to use comma's to separate the items. 

Activity 11:

Whilst I was out walking my dog I came across a magical looking feather. It was blue, orange and red with little white spots on. I wonder where and who it came from. Your job today is to become a story writer. Think about how this magical feather fell next to the lake I was walking along. Who did it come from? How did they lose it? Is it from a creature or a human? 


Plan out your story.

  1. Think of the character (who lost the feather)
  2. What were they doing when the feather got lost? (were they escaping something? flying? running away? playing?)
  3. Why is the feather special to them? (given to them? the only feather they have like that? or maybe like the Rainbow fish it makes them different?)
  4. How did they feel after losing it?
  5. Who found it and where?
  6. What happens when they find it?
  7. Does it have special powers?

Activity 12

Are you finding it hard not to keep eating snacks? Me too! Today you are going to design your own candy land. Include all of your favourite sweets and get creative and make new ones. Use them as trees, rivers, bushes (think Willy Wonka).


Now you're going to advertise your land.

  1. Think of a name (I chose candylicious) 
  2. say when it opens
  3. say why it is amazing
  4. what can they do there? (eat all they want, eat from the trees, drink the river)
  5. where it is 
  6. how much entry is
  7. why they can't miss out


Activity 13

Today get a jar or a pot and fill it with all of the activities you want to do once lockdown is over. Write on little pieces of paper what you would like to do or where you would like to go.


In my jar I have put:

  • take the dog for a walk on the beach
  • go to my favourite restaurant 
  • have a meal with my family
  • go for a Sunday lunch
  • go for a walk with my best friend 


See how many you can come up with. Think about your spellings, use your phonics to help you.

Activity 14

Can you create a story to make your own light show? It could be about animals, people or made up creatures. Have a look at the start of the story below. 


Once you've written your story, make your light show. Put the characters and buildings on the bottom and follow the steps.

Activity 15

Listen to one of the VE Day stories.


Can you write a letter to one of the veterans thanking them for their service in the war? Think about what you would like to thank them for and why. What can you do today because of their hard work and fearlessness?


Remember to include:

  • who it is to
  • who it is from
  • comma's in a list
  • the connectives 'when' and 'if'

Activity 16

Have a look at the pictures taken when World War Two ended.

Write a description about what you can see – why do you think that those people are happy that the war is over?

Think about what they are doing, what they are holding and the looks on their faces.


Here are some sentence starters to help you get going:

On the day World War Two ended everyone...

After the war ended the children...

People were...


In the streets...

Adults and children...

Activity 17

I want you to imagine that you have superhero powers like Spiderman, Superman or Elastigirl. What would you power be and what would you do with it? Would you use it for good or for evil? Would you be invisible, read minds or something completely different? Write down your special powers and what you would do with them. Remember to use your conjunctions when, if, because, so, that, and, or and but. 

Activity 18

What do you want to be when you grow up? What will you do in you job and what will you wear? You could draw and write about what you want to be and do. I can't wait to hear about your plans.


  • what will your job be?
  • what will you wear?
  • what will you have to do?
  • why do you want to do it?

Activity 19

This week is is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme this year is Kindness. 


We often think about how we can be kind to others. Today I want you to think about how you can be kind to yourself. Have a look at some of the ideas below. Write in sentences-

To be kind to myself I will...

I will... because 


Once you've come up with your ideas start to think about how you can carry out these ideas.