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Wednesday 27th January

Maths - 


We are looking at patterns today in Maths. A pattern is a special way of arranging shapes so that they are in a repeating pattern. For example, triangle, square, triangle, square. If we are doing a colour pattern, it would be black, pink, black, pink. On the worksheet you have to have a go at circling the next shape that comes in the pattern. See how you get on with it. 

Writing - 


Oh no! One of the animals from the lost lagoon went to the maze to try and find us and got themselves lost in it! It is our job to write instructions to help them work their way out again. To begin this lesson, if you were not on the live stream then have a go at creating your own maze.  Once you have made it, go around it and say what you do each time, eg "Turn left at the pile of toys." 


I would like you to use these words in your instructions. You do not need to use all of them, just as many as you can whilst still having your sentences make sense. 

Around (You have to go around the scary trolls home)

Under ( Crawl under the flowered trees)

Next to (Turn left next to the wishing well)

At the side of (Walk right at the side of the mushroom homes)

Over the top of (Walk over the top of the old bridge)


Spellings - 







PE - 


Below is a cosmic yoga session, like we watch and follow along with at school. Please complete it and send me videos of you doing so.

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