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Good morning

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Bug Club 


Log in to your Bug Club account and read one of the stories in your library. Don't forget to click the bug on each page to answer a question. When you have answered all the bug questions in the book a new book will be put into your library.


If you have forgotten your log in details please email

Phonics Tt- t-t-t tower 

Listen to the lesson below on the sound 't'. Can you practise 't' by drawing or painting it. You could make it with play dough and you could even create a diary for phonics with drawings of things that begin with 't' in. I will attach some resources below for you to print if you wish but I know not every one has access to a printer so please complete some of the activities I have mentioned above. I would love to see your photos on tapestry.

Phonics t

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Let's get Active


It is very important that you keep as active as you can. Try out a different activity each day to keep your body healthy and happy. Today we are going to try a Joe Wicks PE lesson.

Try and get some fresh air during the day too but only if it is safe to do so and you are not isolating.

PE With Joe

Download your FREE PE With Joe certificate here: your limited edition PE With Joe T-shirt (all proceeds to NHS): h...

Red Words

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Red words


Some words we can not sound out and we just need to be able to sight read them. Watch the video and then ask an adult to write the words on pieces of paper or card and see if you can read them as quickly as you can.



I      my       the 



This weeks spellings are:









Please Help! There's a dinosaur in my school

Listen to the story of below 'there's a dinosaur in my school'. How do you think the boy felt about the dinosaurs in his school? What did they do to the school? 

Can you draw a picture of what the dinosaurs did to our school? What do you think they might have been looking for? 

With your mummy or daddy can you sound out and write a sentence about what the classroom looked like after the dinosaurs visit. 

You might write 'It was messy and muddy'. Remember sound out your words and write the sounds you can hear. Remember to leave finger spaces. 

There's a dinosaur in my school!

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Can you use the worksheet below to describe what the dinosaurs had done to school. Remember to listen for all the sounds in the words you choose. Say your sentence first, count the words and then write it. Don't forget to use finger spaces between your words. 

Story Time


I hope this story it was one of my little boys favourites when he was younger.


The crocodile who didnt like water

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Investigating the Number 10

This week we are investigating the number 10. I will attach some activities below and the challenge today is to make a ten frame either by drawing it, building it with lego or straws or any materials that would suit. You then need to find 20 items. Ten of those need to be the same and another ten again. For example ten yellow lego bricks and ten red bricks. I would like you to look at the composition of the number ten as discussed in the video using your ten frame. 

Number 10

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Art Project


As you know each half term we choose 2 peices of Art work to be displayed in the Westwood art gallery. Miss Geater our Art Leader does not want the children to miss out on this opportunity so she has asked for you to complete a piece of Art at home.  As it is snowing outside I thought it would be a nice idea to create paper snowflakes. You need to cut a piece of paper into a circle. Fold the circle into quarters and cut shapes out of the paper. I have uploaded some pictures you could try.