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With Brexit looming, Elder Class decide that it is really important to stay friends with all the countries in Europe and so decide to go on a trip around the continent to learn about the cultures, geography, history and traditions of these amazing places.

Elder Class learnt how to use an atlas and located the countries within the European Union.

We learnt about England and were able to use an atlas to locate some of the major cities in England.

We then learnt about our capital city - London.

The children were able to match some of the famous buildings and landmarks with their correct name.

We then wrote a setting description of London.

Elder Class wanted to visit France next so we first learnt about the country and produced a fact file.

Once in France we learned about the artist Picasso. Although originally from Italy, he spent most of his life in France. It was here that he created his most famous work. Elder Class recreated some too! They started by drawing eyes and noses on to pieces of coloured card.

They then stuck these onto card and used oil pastels to colour the rest of the face

We then learned about anothe famous French artist - Monet. We wanted to recreate his famous 'Water lillies' painting so we went to Middleton park and used water colour to paint the pond.

After visiting France, we decided to go to Italy, here we sampled traditional Italian food.

We could not visit Italy without trying pizza. We decided instead to make our own!

The children certainly enjoyed eating them!

Once in Poland, the children learned that there used to be a strong Jewish history.  They learned about the Jewish religion.  They learned about Moses and how Jews believe that god gave him the 10 commandments.
Elder Class were able to construct their own commandments.
Elder Class learned how the Hamsa is a Jewish symbol to ward off evil.  We designed our own Hamsa hands.  each Hamsa has a n eye to watch out for evil.
We also looked at items which are important to Jewish people.  Elder Class were able to recognise many of these.
We were also able to identify important items within a Jewish Synagogue.
Our final stop is Greece.  We are inspired by the music and decide to make our own musical instrument.  Intrigued by how our instruments make sound and how we hear, we decided to learn all about it.  We learn about vibrations, hearing sounds, higher and lower sounds, string telephones, soundproofing and making music.   We want to share everything we’ve learnt about all these fantastic countries with our family so we write an invitation to our European day.

To understand our instruments further, elder \class learned about how we hear. They were able to explain this process within a story board and explain what happens.

We then did an experiment to decide what type of material is best for sound proofing.

Elder Class enjoyed making and using their string telephones.

Our parents had a great time joining in all of our activities!