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My dinosaur drawing

Draw your dinosaur and write a sentence. Remember to sound out each word. Words do not have to be spelt correctly in Reception as sometimes sounds can be silent or we may not be familiar with some sounds yet. 

Listen to the dinosaur song and try and join in. Can you move in the different ways described in the story. 

Maths - 2D/flat shapes


Use paper to cut out different 2D shapes. If you have a printer at home I have included a link you can use to print some out. 


I would like you to use the shapes to make your own pictures. 


Can you make a tall tree?

Can you made a spike dinosaur?


Which shapes have 3 sides? What do we call that shape?

How many shapes have 4 sides? 

Are the sides the same length or are some longer or shorter?



Today we will be investigating the sound sssss 'slither down the snake'. What can you spot around the house that begins with 's'. Can you collect you items and sound out their names with your parents. Try writing the words in the video and complete the 's' worksheet below.


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Name Writing


Please remember to practise name writing every day until you feel you are confident enough to write it on your own. 


Remember we need to makes sure every letter is formed correctly.

This weeks red words


Sight reading words is as important as learning to decode words using phonics. Some words we can not sound sound out we just need to learn to recognise them and read them. This weeks words to practise at home.








Write the words on paper and cut them out. Can you flash the words and read each one?