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In today's Maths lesson, we're going to be comparing different lengths. 


Sheet 1: Three children have all been measured in cm, you need to put them in height order. 


Sheet 2: There are different measurements that need to be put in order but be very careful because question 4 asks you to put them in order from longest to shortest. 


Use the key below to help you. 


1m = 100cm

1000 m = 1 km




We have now been introduced to a new character named James James who is a secret agent but he doesn't seem to be the coolest...


The story has also used Nektar as the villain who wants to destroy picnics...


Today's task: 

Use your prediction skills and create your very own character, this can be a villain or a hero but it needs to be unique and have a motive (What does he/she want?)


In today's writing lesson, you're going to write a letter to the hunters.


In this letter you're going to try and persuade them to stop hunting the yetis. 


The SPAG focus of your letter is to include rhetorical questions, these are questions that don't need an answer.


EXAMPLE: 'Would you like it if you were brutally hunted?'


The structure of the letter:

Paragraph 1: 

Talk about how precious these animals are. 

Discuss how they're extremely kind and that they have feelings. 

How they were forced out of their home. 


Paragraph 2:

Why is hunting wrong?

Where the yetis have had to go because of people like them.

How yetis should be treated

Finish with a rhetorical question.