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Autumn 2

Angels, Miracles and Magic

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Meet Whoops a Daisy Angel, a clumsy, light hearted and slightly grubby Angel that needs to learn how to do Angel things properly. Our adventure this term is centred around 'Nativity' and helping Whoops a daisy Angel find her way back to heaven whilst helping deliver the message to Mary that she is going to have a baby. 

This week the children talked about heroes on Remembrance Day and what kind of jobs people do when they protect us. We wrote a message to our heroes in the form of a giant poppy and also collaged a poppy and wrote our names on it.

We also met Whoops A Daisy Angel and talked about what she could use to keep herself clean and why it is important to keep ourselves clean and tidy. 

The children wrote some lists to help her. 

They also met the wobbly wizard who had broken his wand and needed to place 6 cubes back on it to get it working again. 

We have investigated how feathers float and where they come from and also how germs spread. 








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